What We Do

We’ve all heard the saying, “I’d rather have a root canal than…” when someone is looking for something particularly unpleasant as a point of comparison. But, in fact, root canal treatment does not cause pain. It relieves it. And, as an added bonus, it helps save the natural tooth.

Just as there are medical specialists, such as allergists or cardiologists, endodontists are dentists who complete specialty training. We use this expertise to treat issues related to the health of the dental pulp.

If your general dentist recommends root canal treatment or extracting your tooth, we’d appreciate the opportunity to help you thoroughly explore your options. Highly specialized equipment, backed with years of experience in specialty care, offers the best chance to save your natural tooth. Endodontists can often save the most severely injured teeth.

After root canal treatment, you’ll return to your general dentist to have your tooth restored. Then, in most cases, it can function like any other tooth.

For more information about specific endodontic procedures like cracked teeth, infections, pain management, surgical procedures, etc., we recommend searching a reliable resource like the American Association of Endodontists.